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1470157_10151835902162671_461342525_nWe are born-‘n-raised Peruvian girls with nothing more than passion and a dream (and a lot of know-how)! We are Angela Cardenas and Angiolina Calvo. We are Spanish teachers and the creators of the Spanish At Home books.

Our goal is your goal: for you to learn Spanish!

We’ve drawn on our years of experience teaching Spanish to hundreds of students in Los Angeles, and with the help of our fellow instructors, created a unique Spanish learning book series.

Our Spanish learning books were exclusively created for those people who took private sessions with us. But in 2005, we decided to make the books available to everybody, and now we sell them throughout all of the US and other countries.

We started teaching in Los Angeles in 2000 to a few students, using books from Barnes and Noble. But we had to buy around 3-5 books because they didn’t meet our expectations. Some of them were only grammar: boring! Some of them, only everyday expressions: easy to forget! Some of them taught only the very basics: not enough for our students’ needs! So, we decided to create our own print-outs.

By 2002, our students had recommended us far and wide, and we started having a variety of students, like nurses, executives and so on. Our print-outs became Spanish At Home binders. In 2004, we started teaching to corporations and famous filmmakers. That year, we had an idea: why don’t we turn our binders into our own Spanish learning books? So we created the Spanish At Home books, with all the features we’d always wanted in one place, plus an added “common mistakes” feature (something that we know well, thanks to over 12 years of experience working closely with students). All the mistakes that our students made are in our books, so you can read and learn from them, and avoid wasting time on the same mistakes yourself.

We’ve continued to add to and improve on our books. In 2010, we added audio to all of our lessons, which includes pronunciation help plus live recordings of our private classes. In early 2015, we added short Spanish video lessons, where our teacher explains grammar and vocabulary, goes through practice problems, and shares exclusive Spanish at Home tips.

First through our lessons, and now through our books as well, we are known to deliver the most innovative and high-quality Spanish teaching in the industry.

That’s because we know the best results come when learning is made irresistibly exciting, simple and fun.

Want private Spanish classes?  An online private class is a 60-minute one-to-one Spanish lesson with one of our specially trained teachers. Learn More: Online Spanish classes



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