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A Place to Call Home


Hola estudiantes! I want to share Alison’s article with you. (She moved to Peru a few months ago) – Enjoy! –Angela A Place to Call Home In my last post, I described the circumstances surrounding why and how we came to land in Trujillo, Peru. With the big move finished (a 16-hour journey to Peru consisting of 3 flights: Calgary-Houston-El Salvador-Lima, then 3 days in Lima and the long-awaited transfer to Trujillo), we were ready to get on with finding our new ‘normal’. A month in a holiday apartment sounds like a …

Moving to South America

Moving to Peru

I’m moving to South America! Are you coming? If anyone ever says this to you, don’t call their bluff. They might actually be serious. Well, I was serious. I had had enough. My husband and I were living in limbo in Canada, after a recession hit Alberta just six months after we arrived there to start a new life with our two young children. Thousands of jobs were lost in our city alone within the span of six months… including my husband’s. Almost a year later, with the oil and …

Tu vs Tú: Accent marks

Spanish Accent Marks

Tu vs Tú: Spanish Words that change meaning with accent marks One of the most common issues I see with my new students is accent marks. Whether the accent marks intimidate them, whether they overlook accent marks or whether they struggle with where to place them in a word, some of my new English speakers, well, just hate accent marks. But in fact, words that change meaning with accent marks are super easy to learn. Even better, this is a crucial topic for beginners since of the words these words …

Regional Spanish Words in Latin America

Pajita/Pajilla: Spanish Around Latin America

By Mara Rutherford This post is about a typical experience of non-native Spanish speakers visiting Latin America: some words they hear are different Spanish words than the ones they learned! That’s because in Latin America, there are small regional variations in vocabulary. For those of you who have a copy of one of our Spanish at Home books or follow us on Facebook, you know we include dozens of examples in our vocab sections. Here are some common word variations from a contributing writer living in Lima, Peru.  –Angela Growing up in Southern California in the 1990s, it was pretty much a given that I …

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