Free Spanish Lessons for our Students!

When you buy a Spanish at Home book, you receive professionally-taught free Spanish lessons from Bright Spanish for a whole year. Bright Spanish teaches live webinar classes where students can ask questions and learn. Courses are taught by a group of passionate instructors trained by Angela and Angiolina; sometimes Angela also teaches a class. And seats are reserved especially for Spanish at Home customers.

So what’s Bright Spanish all about?  Instead of going to a class or learning on your own, the courses are conducted over a live one-way video chat, in which the student can see the professor on the computer, all while learning in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Bright Spanish strives to make their classes resemble a traditional classroom as much as possible, and students can stay engaged and participate over their microphones, through the chat feature, and by answering pop-up multiple choice questions. And of course, the courses are taught from the Spanish at Home books.

We’ve recorded part of one of the lessons, so you can take a look and see for yourself what being in a Bright Spanish class is like!

From the 5th lesson of our Beginner’s Spanish course, taught by one of our instructors, Nuha. (When Nuha addresses the students, she’s responding to the class live chat, which isn’t visible in the video.)


Bright Spanish will not be hosting any more free online classes

Instead of sponsoring free Spanish classes through Bright Spanish, we have decided to donate an educational book to a child in need for every book we sell. Learn more about the project here.

When you buy a Spanish at Home book, you reserve your seat in any class for a year!

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