Giving Back

Now, when you buy a Spanish at Home book, you help not just yourself, but a disadvantaged child, as well.

For every book that our customers buy, Spanish at Home will donate an educational book or school supplies to an orphanage in Peru. 


Why Help?

Because families cannot afford to care for their children, Peru has a high number of social orphans. The rural poverty rate in Peru is 54%. The poverty rate rises to 78% for Peru’s indigenous children. Through education, children can hope to rise out of poverty and break the cycle.


With your help and our donations, we can provide some of the tools that could bring these children a brighter future. 

Help Who?

 Latin American Orphanages, like the Westfalia Orphanage, located in the countryside about 1 1/2 hours from Lima, Peru.

The Westfalia Orphanage helps about 110 children. They provide education, housing and psychological help. A family-style environment fosters the children’s stability and social development. Westfalia grows fruits and vegetables to help feed its children. The orphanage is privately owned, receives no financial help from the government, and relies entirely on donations and the help of just a few organizations.

Here are some photos from a recent trip Angela took to visit the orphanage with her daughter, Abril:

Angela and her husband talk with the children

Angela and her husband talk with the children

Abril donates toys

Abril donates toys

Angela's family, in the back left corner, with the Westfalia children.

Angela’s family, in the back left corner, with the Westfalia children.

We can help them get a higher quality education by providing them with essential educational books and school supplies.

Let’s make a change together!

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