Learn Spanish with Spanish At Home

Querido estudiante,

Our goal is your goal: for you to learn Spanish—because you deserve it, and because we care about your learning.

Here you can find some free resources that will help you learn basic Latin American Spanish. Among our lessons, you’ll find vocabulary lists, practice exercises, and short & informative videos featuring one of our online Spanish teachers, Stephanie. With her, you can learn Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and even how to pronounce some words and phrases.

Spanish Grammar

Spanish learning guides by topic—learn Spanish grammar including tenses, prepositions, articles, and more. In each topic, you can find different examples that will help you improve your understanding of Spanish grammar.

Spanish Words & Spanish Phrases

Find Spanish vocabulary lists for things like common verbs, useful phrases, personal characteristics, professions and more. Some of our vocabulary lists also include audio pronunciation guides.

Practice Spanish Exercises (soon)

Put what you learn to the test! Try some of our short exercises to check your Spanish knowledge.

Do you want to learn from one of our teachers in a live online Spanish class? Or, are you ready to learn more than basic Spanish?

Get our Spanish learning books today for instant access to our exclusive Spanish videos!

You’re not alone anymore in your quest to learn Spanish. Now you have Spanish at Home’s professional teachers always by your side, helping you learn Spanish!

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