Spanish Phrases

These Spanish phrases will serve you well no matter what, but they’re especially useful if you have to use Spanish in a few days and you don’t have time to learn much. It’s a good idea have these Spanish phrases on hand to help you out in a jam.

(If you don’t speak any Spanish, we don’t recommend trying to remember these phrases in your head, because it’s easy to forget them in a couple days or in a week, or when you’re in the spotlight of the moment that you have to use them. But write them down and they will help you when you need to communicate with a Spanish speaker immediately.)

Basic Spanish Phrases: Everyday phrases for people who just started learning Spanish.

Spanish Phrases for Travel: Important phrases for traveling to a Latin American country.

Everyday Expressions (Slang): Learn expressions particular to different Latin American countries.

Note: We focus on teaching Latin American Spanish

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