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Creative Speaking: How to Get by with Little Spanish


Learning a language is always easier when you have the chance to speak it and hear it spoken every day. This is one of the positives to learning Spanish on location, the immersion process in other words.…


A Place to Call Home


Hola estudiantes! I want to share Alison’s article with you. (She moved to Peru a few months ago) – Enjoy! –Angela A Place to Call Home In my last post, I described the circumstances surrounding why and how we came to land in Trujillo, Peru.…


Moving to South America

Moving to Peru

I’m moving to South America! Are you coming? If anyone ever says this to you, don’t call their bluff. They might actually be serious. Well, I was serious. I had had enough.…


Tu vs Tú: Accent marks

Spanish Accent Marks

Tu vs Tú: Spanish Words that change meaning with accent marks One of the most common issues I see with my new students is accent marks. Whether the accent marks intimidate them, whether they overlook accent marks or whether they struggle with where to place them in a word, some of my new English speakers, well, just hate accent marks.…