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Regional Spanish Words in Latin America

Pajita/Pajilla: Spanish Around Latin America

By Mara Rutherford This post is about a typical experience of non-native Spanish speakers visiting Latin America: some words they hear are different Spanish words than the ones they learned! That’s because in Latin America, there are small regional variations in vocabulary. …


5 Fun Latin American Holiday Traditions

5 things you should know about holidays in Latin America

By Natalie Lefevre Hola estudiantes! Going somewhere warm for this holiday season? Whether you’re traveling to Latin America or just wishing you were, here are 5 fun Latin American holiday traditions for Christmas and New Years.…


7 American Stereotypes in Latin America


By Natalie Lefevre Hola estudiantes! Here are 7 American stereotypes in Latin America, straight from somebody who should know: a ‘gringa’ living in Peru. I think she’s right on about these—many Latinos do think these things about Americans.…


Hispanic vs. Latino: What’s the Difference?

Hispanic vs. Latino: What's the Difference?

Hispanic vs. Latino: a lot of Americans use these terms interchangeably, but they actually mean different things. If you’ve ever been misidentified as something you’re not, then you know it can be kind of annoying—or worse, insulting.…