Spanish at Home are the books that have it all. Want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth? Take it from our past students, who have learned Spanish with us using our books.

“Spanish At Home is great, and my instructor is a very conscientious teacher.  She really cares about her students’ needs and does whatever she can to see that they succeed.  I would recommend her to anyone, the highly skilled or the beginner.”

Bo Zenga, Film Maker
Boz Productions, North Hollywood, CA

“I like the classes very much because of the relaxed atmosphere and flexibility between following the book and conversations.”

Anna Jasinska, Scientist / Researcher
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

“After only a few sessions I was able to engage in basic Spanish conversations and I had developed an adequate vocabulary for most everyday expressions. Having now completed the Spanish Book I, I believe that I have a good fundamental understanding of the language and I am comfortable conversing in basic Spanish. I always look forward to my Spanish classes and feel motivated to move onto the next lesson.”

Nicholas R. Nikolov, M.D., Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Beverly Hills, CA

“I can’t say enough good things about working with my instructor. She is fun, motivating and an excellent teacher. She’s made brushing up on my Spanish a real joy. And the Spanish At Home program has been an excellent resource for preparing for my trip. Thank you, Spanish At Home!”

Bob Israel, Producer/Film Maker
Los Angeles, CA

“I have tried numerous ways to increase my knowledge of the Spanish language. Spanish At Home is the best method I have used and I really enjoy the fact that the teacher is available to come to your house and teach the class one on one.”

Bill Belott, Personal Trainer / Gym Manager
West Los Angeles, CA

“I have been taking Spanish lessons for the past few months with Angela and have gained so much knowledge in reading, writing and speaking I cannot believe it. In today’s business world, being bilingual is so important, my only wish is that I took these lessons years ago. Muchas gracias Angela, ella es me mi professora  favorita!!!!”

Troy Barry, Corporate Sales Manager
Lexicon Training Services, Los Angeles, CA

“I have gone from knowing very little Spanish to being able to hold simple conversations this year thanks to Spanish At Home. The best thing is that I have fun while I am learning, because courses are adapted to my interests. Me gusta “Spanish At Home”: es práctico, divertido, y ahora puedo hablar con mis compañeros de trabajo.”

Cynthia Clotzman, Direct Mail General Manager
Lexicon Marketing, Los Angeles, CA

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